Flow Series Interior Dash Trim Kit

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Product Description:

By popular request we are now offering our dash trim kit in Flow Series! And if you want to be even more lit, we have an optional footwell kit add-on! Take your ride to the next level and make your passenger's jaws drop as you flex millions of solid colors and hundreds of chasing patterns, all at the touch of your fingers! 


What are my options?

    • Flow Series: Full Color Functionality with over 200+ Sequential/Chasing Modes

      Order Includes:

      • (2) 43" Flow Series Trim LED Strips (Trimable) 
      • (2) Extensions
      • (1) Regulator 
      • (1) 4 Output Harness
      • (1) Bluetooth or Handheld Controller
      • Optional: (4) 12" Flow Series Footwell Tubes (Trim able)  


      Self installed products are covered under a (1) Year Warranty, products installed by an Authorized Lighting Trendz Dealer are covered under a lifetime warranty. *All sales are final, any returns will be honored in the form of in-store credit only.